Fashion Trends Are Expressed In Different Ways

The application of art into the designing of clothing and lifestyle accessories are termed as fashion designing which have been created by the cultural and social influences during a particular period of time. It can also be expressed as another beautiful demonstration of life style statements. From the days of yore itself, like art, science, dance, music, fashion is the joyful and creative expression of human life. In reality, Mother Nature is the best fashion designer in the world, when we compare her vivid creations which are so beautiful, imaginative and considered to be glorious in their expressions all around.

Real and superficial; and the orient and the west, are the two major division in which the concept of fashion exists. In the superficial world of modelling and fashion, it is considered, that it is mostly co-related with upper class of the society. This is the wrong misconception which is express in its own way in today’s fashion industry. Fashion clothes are generally purchased by the people who are blessed with money, power and glamour. The rest of the world will force others into believing that this constitutes fashion. This is a particular type of fashion which is offered with unique attributes which will not be able to access by most of the common people as it is displayed by the few select privileged classes only. This is in existence today in the superficial world of fashion.

Now we see the real world of fashion. It is a world of modelling which is bigger, richer and larger in size. In this real fashion world, people express their traditions and culture by means of clothing, accessories, also through various art forms such as music, dance which must be discovered by us. While expressing fashion outward into the world the characteristics of real fashion comes from the deep within the individual. There is no need for imitating anybody as it will comes naturally to you. It is outcome of a deep desire from the heart and soul which will be turned full to the brim and from deep within the mind and this feeling will be projected outwards.

Firstly you have to understand your inner self and its desire to connect with the external superficial world by means of joyous and colorful patterns of human expressions so that you can discover the real fashion in you. This is also a very feminine and soothing display of the human mind irrespective of the gender. Moreover it is obvious that styles and fashion will change from season to season and can also be termed as manifestation of the feminine principle itself, which is one of the natures.

Fashion Trends In Hair Styling

In the world of glamour, fashion designers had brought a revolution with their elegant and fabulous designs along with the tremendous change in modelling world. Fashion and modelling industry are always in search of new talented buds of the ensuing period. Even though all the pieces and articles of fashion clothing during the past are studied by the academics in the name of costume design but only the stuff of 1856 are taken as the contemporary fashion design. Exploring new and diverse hairstyle patterns which will bring about a new enchanting look, is the key element of modern fashion and so we shall take a look at the different hair styles and techniques that will help women all over the world to rediscover their radiating beauty.

Our face is the starting point while choosing a specific hair style and the hair type has only the secondary role. For those people who have sharp or angular facial features, in order to dull their chiseled cheeks it is always advisable to use curls and waves. As most of the models are having low forehead, it is possible for them to make it lower before going to the photo shoot sessions. On the other hand if you have high forehead, you can lower it by brushing your hair in bangs which will make a huge difference by providing a sort of balance to your facial features which give an appearance of a perfect model. If you have a square chin and you want to make it less noticeable, it is better to have a hair style at the crown of the head so that your chin will not become the main focal point in these photographs.

If you have a narrower chin you can have your hair a little bit longer which will make it round and the chin and face would appear as you want it appear. Consider a situation if the modelling sessions falls on the very next day, you can make your hair style by making use of straight lines which will lower your forehead providing a complete sort of completeness at the crown. Thus you should not underestimate your hair and by selecting a perfect hair style you will be looking absolutely gorgeous in your portfolio pictures. You will get an absolute look than you could never imagine and you will get an enchanting and charming portfolio with which you will be proud to show off the elegant look or style.

Having The Perfect Features To Become Fashion Model

In the world of fashion when you attain the position you deserve, you are likely to generate loads of money, for that you must have the right physical attributes and looks. And there would be many people who will admire you for your good looks as well as for your talent. Even though it is a very challenging and competitive career, thousands of boys and girls are dreaming to become a successful fashion model but only a few can understand, what it takes to get into the business. It takes more than physical looks or beauty; you also need to have specific expression, emotion, which helps to face the stiff competition in the world of fashion industry as well as in your competitor community.

It is a wrong misconception that beauty will make you a model but talent is a necessary factor for anyone to become successful. Plenty of attractive men and women who want to become a model are unsuccessful due to lack of this required talent. To become a model your look has to be marketable. While in front of the camera just viewing the object will constitutes only one aspect of modelling, and there is lot of other things which will meets the eye. It is about having the right look and that depends on what type of model you are and what are you modelling for. You should be able to expose or portray an emotion through your facial expressions and body language. The company which signed you would have trust that your face or body would help them to increase their sales. You should have to create a good impression in the market to which it is catering to. By hiring you as model, the company expects you to make anything look appealing with your presence or exhortation.

If the models are not able to sell the product for which they are modelling for, then there is no use in having them in the ads. To get the right returns from the models the right posture as well as the right gait must be practiced and learned. Promotion in modelling is not influenced by the personality and inner beauty of the model. It is essential that some extent of unique looks must always accompany a fashion model. A female model bust and hips have to be 34 inches ideally; and her waist has to be 24 inches and their height should be minimum 5 feet and 8 inches or more to secure more chances in the fashion world.

As there are various types of modelling are prevailing in the fashion world the vital statistics or measurements will also vary depending upon the type of modelling. For example skinny and tall people are generally opt by the modelling houses and agencies but there are also an option for over weight people called plus size modelling which is for people with bigger figures and features. An average sized woman may not fall into either of the categories. But there are still some modelling agencies and fashion houses that are hesitant to accept models that are underweight or over weight.

The Changing Face of Online Luxury and Lifestyle Goods

The luxury industry has struggled to gain a foothold in the online space. This is especially evident in e-commerce, where many classic brands have been reluctant to fully jump in, mostly taking a reserved, wait-and-see approach.

Because of this, new luxury e-commerce platforms have found it difficult to secure top-tier fashion and lifestyle brands, which typically exert tight controls over all aspects of their communications with their customer.

What these companies need to learn is that narrative is no longer wholly owned by the brands: it’s about forming meaningful relationships with the customer. Product advertising has permanently shifted from seller to storyteller. It’s no longer enough to simply sell a purse because it has been designated an “it bag”-customers want to know why it costs $1400.

What is luxury?

Brands spend big bucks to promote a luxury lifestyle. Visit a boutique of one of the big French brands and you’ll find well-dressed salespeople, art installations, “one-of-a-kind” merchandising (to communicate limited stock), luxe furniture-and you may even be offered a glass of Champagne while you shop. No sense is left untouched as brands even spray expensive fragrances around its stores to maintain the image of fine living. These experiential pleasures of the good life are lost when you move online.

When you buy a designer dress, some of the cost goes to material matters like construction details, fabric and country of origin, but you’re also paying a high price for marketing such as fashion shows, parties, sponsorships, billboards, magazine ads and product placements. This is the cost of branding, and may actually be more important than the former when it comes to customer acquisition; after all, it is expected that luxury brands spend about a quarter of their revenues on marketing. The question then becomes: if branding is completely virtual, existing as purely the emotional response that a buyer has to a product, why has it been so hard for luxury brands to create an equally virtual, emotional response to products that are sold online?

How do you communicate luxury online?

The codes for communicating luxury in the physical world are well established-after all, luxury is an inherently physical, tactile experience. In fashion, luxury is in the feel of the fabric, the quality of the craftsmanship and the rarity of the materials. Communicating luxury online has been more nebulous, but a few conventions have emerged-most of them carryovers from the luxury magazine print world: copious white space, elevated tone, high-quality photography and exacting attention to detail.

But perhaps the most important means to communicate luxury online is through narrative. It is essential that e-commerce sites tell the story of the wellness, fashion and design brands that it sells, as well as what makes each product worth buying. This education helps to strengthen the relationship between the brand and its prospective customer.

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Braided Rugs For Today’s Home Fashions and Lifestyles

Braided Rugs are a statement in and of themselves. They represent a tradition that is a part of our history’s past. However, decorating with this style rug today does not consist only of dark colors and a “country” motif that once would come to mind when some people would normally think of this category. Additionally, in today’s world, where everyone is busy, the last thing we want to do is spend our time maintaining a new rug. These rugs require very little upkeep, and will last forever with the proper minimal maintenance.

Braided Rugs are available in a wide range of styles that will provide a statement to your décor. Colors are brighter, from soft pastels to more jewel tones, and sizes can range from small scatter sizes up to full room size rugs. New introductions of braided rugs in various shapes, offer a completely new twist to the traditional look. A perfect example is an elongated octagon braided rug, placed under a dining room table. This new look is a braided rug reborn for today’s times.

And for those looking for a more authentic styled rug that replicates the ones that someone’s grandmother might have made at one time, would most likely be interested in one made from Cloth. These rugs are made from all material and do not contain any filler, they also look the most like an actual hand made rug.

Braided Rugs are versatile in many different settings and motifs. Whether “your style” is country, traditional, cottage, shabby chic, colonial, and now even bordering contemporary, these rugs will add a unique charm to your décor.

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Foschini downloads digital strategy

CA Southern Africa has announced that TFG has implemented the CA API (Application Program Interface) Management solution to drive the digitalisation of its business and supply chain. TFG fashion and lifestyle retailer operates in 31 countries and has 2,200 stores across Africa and recently expanded into the UK.
Image by 123RF
Image by 123RF
According to Craig de Lucchi, account manager, CA Southern Africa, TFG required a solution that would safeguard the supply chain and support new digital initiatives. “The company needed to enable seamless systems integration with its suppliers while maintaining security.”

CA API Management enables TFG to receive automated alerts about product shipments by its suppliers. “TFG is also integrating its ecommerce platform with stock management systems to provide its customers with up to the minute product information. Essentially it delivers a seamless customer experience both online and in-store and provides customers with information on stock availability which in turn enables the company to better manage customer expectations.”

Wayne Beckley, senior enterprise architect at TFG, says the company was keen to improve visibility of the supply chain and establish greater automation. “We particularly wanted suppliers to be able to automatically notify us when goods were shipped,” says Beckley.

The group had various tools in place for integration but significant development effort was required, which was costly and time-consuming.

“We selected the CA Technologies solution, implemented by CA Southern Africa, because its flexible policies enable us to govern and secure our APIs. It also works seamlessly with Active Directory,” says Beckley.

He emphasises that the digitalisation of its business will facilitate TFG’s growth into the future and help to position them at the front of a highly competitive market.

De Lucchi notes that APIs are the building blocks of digital transformation. “To compete successfully and thrive today, enterprises across every industry need to transform. This process is not just about incremental improvement, but about evolving core businesses to meet the demands of today’s connected world. API management accelerates this digital transformation by providing the capabilities you need to bring systems together, secure these integrations, deliver better customer experiences faster and capitalise on new opportunities.”

Cintron Pink Polo

Val de Vie Estate will host the annual Cintron Pink Polo breast cancer awareness event on 5 November 2016.
The event, popular with celebrities, influencers and supporters of the fight against breast cancer, started in 2010. The 2016 event which draws inspiration from Pantone’s colours of the year: Serenity and Rose Quartz continues the event mandate of raising awareness and acting as a vocal platform for breast cancer associated charities, whilst showcasing the best of international style polo laced in a ‘pretty in Pink’ experience.

Cintron Pink Polo

Event partners

This polo with a purpose event combines a festival of the best of the sport of kings on the polo greens with a fashion and lifestyle celebration on the sidelines. Think stylish pop-up experiences curated by Veuve Clicquot Rosé, and couture style cocktails by headline sponsor Cintron. International beauty brand Sisley and Tosca will be the official beauty and hair partners.

“An exciting addition to this year’s event is partnering with Paarl local business, Fynbos Valley Gift Boxes to create the Blossom Box Boutique. A gifting initiative of beautiful boxes containing items which inspire, motivate and treat women bravely fighting breast cancer,” shares event owner and Val de Vie Events MD, Simone de Wet.

Cintron Pink Polo guests will be able to select a gift, write a note of encouragement on a tag and place the personalized product in the gift box from Blossom Box Boutique, which will be delivered to the St. Stephen’s Oncology Centre. Ladies will find the box on their seat when arriving for their treatment.


Event highlights include Top Billing presenter, Nico Panagio as the official event MC, and a performance by SA musician Jimmy Nevis. Expect to rub shoulders with SA’s who’s who including Val de Vie Estate marketing director and swimming legend, Ryk Neethling. As a special addition to this year’s Pink Polo, guests will enjoy complimentary welcome cocktails curtesy of Musgrave, the Official Gin Partner.

Rikki’s Taxi’s will offer guests special rates to and from the event. With the growth of the polo over the past years, many brands such as Julius Baer and Vodacom have come onboard as the respective banking- and network partners, creating a truly collaborative effort in raising awareness for breast cancer.

Ticket prices:

R100 Per Person: Pink Food Truck Fair tickets (For families and kids – bring along your picnic blanket – food will be on sale, no picnic baskets allowed. Children under the age of 13 enter the Pink Food Truck Fair for free).

Pure & Crafted SA

On 26 and 27 November, the Pure & Crafted Festival will premiere at Ground in Muldersdrift in Midrand, Johannesburg.
BMW Motorrad, the motorcycle division of the BMW Group, presents Pure & Crafted SA, a two-day music and motorcycle festival inspired by the Berlin Pure & Crafted Festival, featuring South African music acts, artisanal food, craft beer and gin, an exclusive selection of premium wines and champagnes, motorcycle displays, outrides and stunt shows.

Festival highlights

Pure & Crafted SA highlights include: three music stages, Germany’s finest beers, SA craft beers, wine stalls, a cheese and olive shed, a dedicated kids’ entertainment area, coffee baristas, artisanal food trucks, live tattoo and barbering, a “gin”tlemen bar, whiskey tastings and a variety of fashion and lifestyle stands to explore.

Pure & Crafted SA

Motorcyle fans young and old, riders and non-riders alike, can also look forward to motorcycle experiences, including daily stunt shows by world-renowned BMW stunt-rider, Mattie Griffin, scenic outrides, off-road trails with team South Africa, winners of the International GS Trophy 2016 and custom motorcycle displays.

There will also be BMW GS Trophy team displays, custom motorcycles and off-road riding available. Pure & Crafted SA celebrates all things motorcycling – and we welcome all riders of any brand of motorcycle to enjoy the weekend.


The music lineup includes: Mi Casa, Prime Circle, Parlotones, Rubber Duc, Goodluck, The Rocketeers, Bad Peter, Sutherland, Eva Morgan, The Oompah Band, Dean Fuel, Michael Lesar to name a few.

Ticket options

For a limited time only, Pure & Crafted SA Early Bird tickets will be available for only R199 (Saturday), R179 (Sunday) and R399 for a Weekend Pass.

Buy tickets here

Thereafter, tickets are:
Saturday only:
Pre-sold: R299
Door: R350

Sunday only:
Pre-sold: R229
Door: R300

Weekend Pass
Pre-sold: R499
Door: R500

Pure & Crafted SA tickets give you access to the entire event, which includes all music stages, Munich Beer Garden, shopping areas, stunt and display areas, kids’ area and all the food stalls.

Secure parking is also available free of charge for all vehicles and motorcycles.

The Let’s Call It Brunch Lounge

The Let’s Call It Brunch Lounge is a decadent all-inclusive experience. Set under a private tent on a raised deck overlooking the main stage, guests receive complimentary canapés and beverages throughout the day and night. Let’s Call It Brunch guests will also be treated to exclusive parking (motorcycle or vehicle), premium toilets and of course, the best seat in the house. This ticket also includes the full benefits of the Pure & Crafted Festival SA access ticket.

Fashion Handbags – Amazing Accessories For Women’s Trendy Lifestyle

Handbags are one of them most popular accessories that have been in style for many years. Handbags are often seen carried by women and they have used it as a fashion statement the whole time. These amazing accessories are a fashionable necessity that are designed to help people carry their belongings. Fashionable handbags are not only reliable, but they are also very appealing. There is a wide variety of fashionable handbags available in many stores, so finding one that matches your personality shouldn’t be very difficult. Most women seem to be not contented with what they have had for years, they even get bored of using same bag for a few months. Most of fashionable handbags are cheap, though. Some of them carry a simple design, while others were made elegantly. There are some that were created with cheap materials, but there are others were made of top of the line leather or fabrics. Today’s stylish handbags come in a different styles, shapes and sizes. You can find handbags such as Hobos, Satchels and Tote bags. These variety of handbags were designed to match the different personality and taste of women. When you start to find a fashionable handbag as a gift for yourself or for someone, you have to determine first the amount of money you are willing spend. If you are on a tight budget, consider shopping online. Searching for the right handbag for your personality and taste is quite easy. Online store have a wide variety of cheap yet still fashionable handbags that will delight your taste. These online stores make the process of searching very easy for you, basing on the style, design, size, color, price and brand you desire. You can even see a lot of celebrity handbags, leather handbags, beaded handbags and customizable handbags through the Internet. Because of the popularity of handbags that can be bought online, it is now possible for you to have one in just one click of your mouse. Your order will be ship no matter what country you live in. However, there are many people who cannot afford the prices of the real designer handbags but they still want to have the look of the designer handbag. They can have that by buying the knock-off replica handbags and they can get them in many stores and online, also. Fashionable handbags can make a perfect for holiday season, and that sets every woman’s heart alight. You can count on seeing seeing a smile on their faces by purchase custom handbags that are of top quality, which are created by top name brand designers located in various countries. These custom accessories will be made based on what you would like them to be. With this, you can give personalized designer purses, canvas tote bags, cosmetic bags, travel bags, or even customized sports bags or diaper bags to girl friends. Therefore, looking for the right gift for yourself and friends who have a good taste about fashion is pretty easy to do, especially finding a handbag that is within you preferred budget. Published at:

Nike Air Force One – More of a Lifestyle Than a Fashion Trend

With all the popularity of luxury handbags, shoes and other classy items a lot of people fail to realize the growing culture that revolves around a love for sneakers. From the urban streets of Boston, Massachusetts to the bright neon lights of Tokyo, Japan sneakers and the relating trends are increasingly evident. You can now see people wearing brands such as Nike Air Force ones all across the globe. People young and old, active and inactive, hipsters and computer geeks alike are all participating in this obsession with running shoes. Even with this increased popularity many people fail to realize the growing culture and how highly regarded sneakers have become in mainstream society. From full time students working part time jobs to afford a $300 dollar pair of kicks to the adults that keep a fresh pair purchased and ready for that special occasion, sneakers have become a lifestyle. You even have a number of die-hards that will sleep outside of stores for the weekend just waiting to get there hands on a hot new limited edition. In fact there have been increasing instances of riots when not enough of the new, coolest pairs are available in stores. People know what they want and are after it more than ever before. Apparently, Nike seems to have the goods that everybody wants. They are the shoes experts that no one seem to be able to beat. Shoes have become more than just an item that people invest in to wear until they turn ratty. Millions of people around the world are collecting them, trading them, analyzing and even worshipping them. It has become a hobby as much as a style of attire. We now have TV shows, radio programs, books and complete online forums dedicated to discussing all the new buzz involving footwear. Just a few years ago Nike Air Force Ones could usually only be seen in the downtown areas of major cities. This has quickly changed as they are seen in magazines, newspapers and on the streets of even the most rural of cities. There really are no borders or boundaries anymore when it comes to their popularity. It is not uncommon to see a middle-aged mother of three rocking the freshest kicks on the market. Sneakers just simply are not for the hip hop teenagers anymore. Their comfort, appeal and overall style are sought after by people of all ages from all parts of the world. While there are a number of popular shoe companies and styles including K. Swiss, Adidas and Puma just to name a few, Nike Air Force Ones are commonly referred to as the footwear that first broke into the mainstream. While first appearing in major rap videos and in the heart of urban streets, they have now become as mainstream as a baseball cap or designer jeans. There seems to be no end in sight for this trend and who knows, maybe one day fresh new sneakers will be accepted at high class, black tie affairs. One can only dream, right? Published at: